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McRae-Fitzgerald Family

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Back Row: (Left to Right): David, John, Daniel and Joseph

Front Row: Mary Jane, Martha, Alexander McRae, Eunice Fitzgerald, Sarah


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Father: Alexander McRae

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Mother: Eunice Fitzgerald


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Mary Jane McRae

McRae-Pierce Family

David McRae

John McRae






John B McRae

Born: 1778 Scotland

Died: 4 Oct 1845 - Iradel, North Carolian

Mary Jane McRae

Born: 1778 Kintail, Scottland

Died: Tishgo Co., Mississippi

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Ketura Catherine Parkhurst

Born: 25 Feb 1781- Sandtown, New Jersey

Died: 28 Sep 1868 - Acton, Indiana

Our Marriage

Having left the service, Alexander worked for some time as a tailor, traveling through several states.  Finally he went to work for David Fitzgerald in a small town in Kentucky.  While working there Alexander met David's sister Eunice. Apparently he fell in love with her, because on the second of October, 1834, they were married at Newcastle, Henry County, Kentucky.    Alexander was 27 at the time, and Eunice was 16.

She had been born February 7, 1818, in Newcastle, the daughter of Joseph Hawkins and Catherine Parkhurst Fitzgerald. Her father had been born in Virginia and her mother in New Jersey.  They had been living in Henry County since about 1800.  Her father had been a soldier under General Anthony Wayne in the War of 1812.

Places We've Lived

1834 - Newcastle, Henry County Kentucky -

1834-1837 - Ripley County, Indiana

1837, September - Far West, Missouri

1838, November 24-29 Alexander was in Liberty Jail with the Prophet Joseph Smith


Our Baptism

In 1837, they were visited on their farm by missionaries (Who???)  of the L.D.S. Church. [13]  "Alexander was a Baptist, but upon hearing that the Mormons believed in baptism by immersion, he became interested." [14]  They had to walk eight miles to hear the elders preach, and would make the return journey the same night on foot, carrying their young baby in their arms. [15]  Perhaps their conversion was a quick one, [16] but it must have also represented a difficult choice.  Alexander's parents would have nothing to do with him after he joined the Mormon Church.  But at any rate, Alexander and Eunice decided that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God [17] and that they would be baptized into the Mormon Church.  In June of 1837 they walked the sixteen miles to the place of baptism, carrying John in their arms all the way.  When they arrived they found a mob of 200 men who had gathered to prevent any baptisms from taking place.  The mormon elders told Alexander and Eunice that they had better postpone the ceremony and wait for a more favorable time.  Alexander asked if he was worthy of baptism.  The elder told him that he was.  "Then I demand baptism, and as for these men, I am not afraid of all the devils out of hell."  He and Eunice were baptized by Elisha P. Davis, [18] and none of the 200 moved to stop them.  Then they walked sixteen miles home. [19] 

Eunice later said, "Alexander was a very profane man, and was addicted to the use of tobacco, but he made a complete reversal of his life." [20]