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Pierce-Heath Family

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These are the five surviving children who made it to Salt Lake City.

Seated (Left to Right): Roxey Pierce, Amanda Mary Heath, Adeline Pierce
Back Row: Julia Anne Manetta, Isaac Riley Pierce Sr. and Adelia Pierce


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Dad: Joseph White Pierce

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Mom: Amanda Mary Heath


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8 Isaac Riley Pierce Sr. (July 13, 1844) born two weeks after the Martyrdom of the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum

1 Elizabeth Pierce (1829) died within a year

2 Edwin (November 27, 1830) died at 21 months

3 Mary Adeline Pierce (November 22, 1833)

4 Catherine Amanda Pierce (February 18, 1836) died 13 months

5 Joseph Henry Pierce (January 17, 1838) died at 1 month

6 Roxey Abigail Pierce (McRae) (May, 24, 1840) Married John McRae a brother to Mary Jane McRae who married Isaac Riley Pierce Sr.

7 George (October 17, 1842) died at less than a month

9 Adelia Delilah Pierce (Workman) (January 13, 1847)

10 Lucy Jane Pierce (March 22, 1850) died at 10 months

11 Julia Anne Manetta Pierce (Hughs) (August 3, 1852)


John Pierce and Abigail Stow


Isaac Heath and Roxienne Heath


Our Marriage:

At an early age Amanda Mary Heath married Joseph White Pierce of Middleton, Connecticut. She always said that he was of very fine people, above average in intelligence, gentlemanly and refined.


Places We've Lived:

Amanda Mary Heath and Joseph White Pierce joined the church at Colesville, New York after the gospel was preached by the lips of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  They followed the church in all of its westward movements.  They were driven from five homes before they made it to Salt Lake City.

Colesville, New York - 1828 - 1831

Kirtland, Ohio - 1832 - 1837

Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri - 1838 -

Nauvoo, Illinois - 1840 - They lived in the same house as Hyrum Smith and knew and associated with the prophet Joseph Smith.  They crossed the ice on the Mississippi river as they left Nauvoo

Silver Creek, Pottawattamie County, Iowa - 1847 -

Salt Lake City, Utah 1853 - 1902 They lived at 5th South and 9th East (922 E. 500 S.)  They owned about 2 1/2 acres.  They hauled timber and wood from the canyons and farmed and cleared land.  They homesteaded a ranch at the foot of Little Mountain, on the old Emigrant Trail in Emigration Canyon.  They also raised stock and farmed in the summer and spent winters in Salt Lake City.



Pioneers: Crossed the plains in 1853


Temples Visited:

Joseph White Pierce helped build the Kirtland Temple. In Kirtland food was very scarce, and Amanda Mary Heath, along with other women were charged with the responsibility of providing food for the temple workers.