On the Mayflower - There are 5 lines that go through the Mayflower.  Who were they and how are we connected to them?  What's the history of the Mayflower?

From Adam - uncle Don says that he has linked a line all the way back to Adam - I need to get it from him.

Early Church History - Alexander McRae and his wife Eunice Fitzgerald as well as Joseph White Pierce and his wife were both in the early history of the church.  How did they join, what erra did they come in?  What were their contributions?  Journals?  Anything about them.  There has got to be more information about them.  I'm tempted to talk to Sister Black - our BYU bishop's wife who does research at BYU.  I'm willing to buy a book or what ever.

Castles and Clans - talk about the MacRae clan and Eilean Donan give a history of who they were and how they came into the US

Pioneers - we have at least 10 families that came across the plains

From the Kings - We have Royalty in our blood from King Edward to Charlemange.  There needs to be a simple genealogical link and then a historical perspective on who these people were and what they did.

Coming to America - When did our ansestors first come to America?  Where did they settle?

Where did the Pierces come from? - I like to do an origin of the name and track their background and entrance into the Us.  I'd like to do a family source tree from a common stalk and see who's who.