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Capturing Leads with Your Website

There are many ways to capture leads. Some are free but may take a lot of time and other may cost a lot of money but not be as fruitful. The broad approach, where you don't trust in just one source, is the most prudent. There are resources that you are already paying for that can turn into a source of leads. Your website is one of those sources. If you just have a website that is like a digital brochure then you are missing out on a way of collecting leads.

The Social Media Funnel

While having a website that can capture leads is important, it's even more important to be able to funnel visitors from other sources to your website. Social Media is a great avenue for casting a broader net. You can show pictures of what you're selling and then you can also use enticements to get people to click on links in your posts. Those links need to take them somewhere that you can capture their information, usually a landing page on your website. You may not get all of your sales from social media traffic and referrals to your website but only one or two leads can make this profitable.

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