Finding New Business


How do you find new clients?

Are you able to be found where people are looking?

Do you ask your clients to like your Facebook page?

Do you ask your clients to give a testimonial for your website?

Finding New Clients

Let's face it, all businesses need clients, and they always need new clients. This is the life blood of your business. Whether you are a part of a company or working on your own, it is critical that you expand your presence.

Being Found

In current conditions it is important to be found. You can't just list your business in the yellow pages and be found. We need to use all available platforms to cast a net and a presence out there. 10 years ago every business had to have a website and now every business needs to use some form of social media just to prove that they are a legitimate business. Word of mouth is critical but we need to use our current customer referrals and testimonials effectively. We need to use them on Social Media and on our website to help spread the word. You should be asking your clients to like your facebook page. Information about your company should be seen in multiple locations to provide validity to your company and to give opportunities for your listings to be found no matter where people spend time online.

Website Effectiveness

Capturing Leads

Finding New Business

Social Media