Social Media


Is your company on Social Media?

Are you branding your company with Social Media Posts?

Do you know how to get a post to bring a lead to your website?

Where to Start

There was a time when each business realized that they needed a website, today every business now needs a Facebook page and a presence on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Snapchat. It is important to understand what your message is going to be. Social Media is usually about branding and soft selling. You need a balanced approach that's different than just buy my stuff. There's value in educating people on what you know and how you do business. Choose a platform or multiple platforms (blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat) and we will start putting them to use for you and your business.

Effective Use of Social Media

Your company needs to have a consistent, measured approach when rolling out a Social Media campaign. It is said that Facebook rolls over every 24 hours or so and that means that if people don't see your post in the first day, they won't. Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you don't have great visual images that show who you are and that grab people's attention you will get scrolled on by. It's important to evaluate your posts and see which types of posts do better than others. PiercesWeb can help you make your posts better and use tracking to make social media work effectively for your company.

Getting Social Media to Work for You

We will help you boost posts on Facebook to make them more visible to areas you want to target. We'll help you create links and buttons that will help you drive social media traffic back to your website. We'll even help you link people from your website to your social media pages to help increase traffic and interaction. Not only will this traffice help your website and your social media pages, it is important to your Search Engine rankings and helping people find your company.

Website Effectiveness

Capturing Leads

Finding New Business

Social Media