Website Effectiveness


Does your website capture leads?

Does your website have landing pages?

Is your website responsive?

Digital Brochure vs. Lead Generator

Having a website that people just look at is no longer an option. You need to be collecting registrations. You should be collecting information on interactions from your Social Media posts. With your website hosting package, you can setup a simple database that will allow you to collect all the information you need to market your business. Your website is a tool that drive your whole marketing campaign.

Landing Pages

A Landing page is a special page geared to a very specific message that matches a piece of your marketing campaign. Using links on Social Media you want to point them to a landing page so that you can track your marketing sources. You can create landing pages that encourage interaction with your clients and potential customers while collecting information about the effectiveness of your Social Media posts and other marketing activities.

Responsive Websites

If you look at your website statistics, you will find that close to 50% of people that visit your website come on a cell phone. Have you looked at your website on a cell phone? Can you see all the information and read all the menus? If you can't see things correctly, neither can your potential customers. How many leads will you lose with an unresponsive website?

Website Effectiveness

Capturing Leads

Finding New Business

Social Media