Amanda Mary Heath Pierce

Amanda Mary Heath, was born in Broome County, New York, January 11, 18100. She was the daughter of Isaac Heath and Roxienne Heath. Her Mother died when she was very young. Very shortly after the death of her mother, her father passed away also, leaving her an orphan. She was reared by an Uncle.

At an early age she married Joseph White Pierce of Middleton, Connecticut. She always said that he was of very fine people, above average in intelligence, gentlemanly and refined.

They joined the church in New York, living only a short distance from the "Birthplace of Mormanism." In April 1830, Joseph Smith made his first visit to Colesville, Broome County, New York. Several public meetings were held. In attendance were many friends and strangers. Later other visits were made to this section. Undoubtedly this is where she and her husband heard the Gospel from the lips of the Prophet and accepted it. They followed the Church in all of it's moves westward. She often told how they were driving from five different homes.

Her husband helped build the Kirtland Temple. In Kirtland food was very scarce, and Amanda Mary, along with other women were charged with the responsibility of providing food for the temple workers.

They followed the Church in it's westward move to Missouri, then to Nauvoo, Illinois. In Nauvoo, she and her husband lived in the same house as did the Hyrum Smith family. They knew and associated with the Prophet Joseph Smith. She often told about hearing the Prophet's funeral sermon, and how deeply his death grieved her. Two weeks after the martyrdom of the Prophet and Hyrum Smith, her son, Isaac Riley Pierce was born at Nauvoo, Illinois.

amanda-mary-heath-50s-sm.jpg (4503 bytes)At the time the Saints were driven from Nauvoo, they had many provisions with them. She, Amanda Mary Heath, very courageously stood up for her rights and did not allow the angry mob to rob them of their provisions. At the time the Saints left Nauvoo, she and her family crossed the Mississippi River on the ice. She carried with her a clock about two feel tall and approximately 20 inches wide. This clock, which still runs is now owned by her grand-daughter, Martha Pierce Christensen, and is at present in the Daughter's of the Pioneers Relic Hall in Salem, Utah.

Leaving Nauvoo, she and her family spent several years at Winter Quarters, Iowa. They arrived in Utah in 1852 via covered wagon. They settled in the tenth Ward in Salt Lake City. They owned about two and one half acres on land (NE Quarter) at 9th East and 5th South. They also homesteaded a farm in Emigration Canyon. In the summer they lived on the farm and moved to town in the winter. The old monument honoring the entrance of the pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley was located on their farm.

amanda-mary-heath-salt-lake-Amanda Mary Heath Pierce, served in the Presidency of the 10th Ward Relief Society for many years. She was the mother of eleven children, 7 girls and 4 boys. Only five of her children lived to cross the plains, four girls and 1 boy, Isaac Riley Pierce.

She lived to be 92 years of age. She died January 23, 1902.

(Written by Madge Pierce as told to her by Martha Pierce Christensen.

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