Tribute by Margrette M. Taylor



Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily. So we always see Flo doing her Relief Society tasks with a smile. She was always on the job and seamed to get real joy out of her work. She did her work thoroughly and well, not hesitating to use all the time necessary to prepare for our work day meetings. It was a real pleasure for the members of the sewing committee to work with her under her direction. They all loved her as did the board members she worked with. I never heard her complain or say her task took too much of her time. We found her loving, dependable, enthusiastic, honest, kind, loyal and sincere in all her undertakings. She is a good example for us to follow, she is not only ambitious but capable. At funerals we of the second district had her as a guide and aid to us in serving the bereaved families, her smile and cheery word doing much good along with her untiring work to help. In one of our Relief Societies fine arts quilting, she was an expert and done much of it.

Sister Flo was also the director of welfare work and fit very well in that capacity, attending so many special meetings along with the president also seeing that our organization filled their quota in supplying the Stake with quilts, clothing, rugs, etc. She always worked hard at her calling, we are sorry to see her go. We hope to enjoy her shining light and her influence for a good many years to come. Its a human touch in this world that counts - the touch of your hand and mine, which means far more to the fainting heart than shelter and bread lasts only a day, but the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice live on in the soul always. Love and companionship are the bonds that hold us together. Bonds built in sympathy, love and companionship share in the interests that count in life.

Dear Flo, I'm thankful if along the way

I've helped to make you smile,

If something I have given you

Has made life more worth while.

If any line I've scribbled down

Has been a tiny spark

That served to light up some drear spot

And made it seem less dark.

I'm grateful if my loving thoughts

Are welcome in your mind

And if you know each one I send

Is genuinely kind.

God gave me countless loving friends

For these I'm grateful too.

For I'm sustained by thoughts of friends

Like you-- and I mean you.

May the Lord bless you in your efforts is the prayer of our Relief Society Sisters.

Written by a member, Margrette M. Taylor


Flora left Salem to live in Spanish Fork .

Pricilla asked me to give this tribute to Flo because she felt that I had known her longer than anyone else. That is true because she was a guest in our home, with a group of young people before she was married.

After she married Riley Pierce and moved to Salem from Payson, Utah, she was our neighbor. As the Pierce family was very good friends of my family, we became better acquainted.

When Edith, her first baby was born, my mother took care of Flo and the baby. Like wise. when Don and Dale was born. My mother took care of Flo and her baby for the first few days and then I took over, going into her home, doing the housework and helping take care of the baby. Maybe it was because my mother liked Flo so very much that it helped me to form the same opinion of her. I always found her good natured, kind, with a cheery laugh and a pleasant smile.

Called to be President of the Relief Society and was choosing my counselors, it seemed I just could not find anyone to act as second counselor, so I prayed about it again and the name of Flora Pierce came to me. I felt happy and satisfied. I know I was inspired to choose her.

We grew better acquainted as we worked together. She was the work director for the Relief Society as well as the welfare. I cannot say too much in her honor. She was humble, honest, charitable, kind, ambitious, quick and never faltered. She never asked anyone to do anything that she was not there to help. She always done more than her share. No one knows but her, just how many hours she put in, but she was not boastful or ever complaining. I never knew her worth until I worked with her. If you worked with Flo you learned to love her. I'm sure all who worked with her on the sewing committee can bear me up in this. Our work brought us very close together. We have laughed, we have sang, we have cried together. What was her sorrow or joy was mine, and what was my sorrow and joy was hers.

I can truthfully say that she was one hundred percent. I think I speak for the rest of the board when I say these things.

I also want to pay tribute to her for the loving care she gave her mother and her mother-in-law in their old age, and in their afflictions. She was very kind and considerate ln every way.

The only bad thing she ever did was to move away from us. I miss her every time I pass her place, but she is justified in going to such a beautiful home. We know she did what was right.

We are happy to have her with us today, and hope she comes to Salem to see us often. We wish her the best in her new home. Our loss is their gain.

So we just say thanks for everything. Your friend and neighbor Minnle Hanks.