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Organization: Every family has an index and every individual has an index.  Click around and see.   Many pages with pictures allow you to click on an image to either take you somewhere or show you a larger image, so look for the pointer to turn into a hand pointing.  You can always use your back arrow to get to the last page you were on. If a window pops open then you need to close it to get back the referring page. 

On many pages you will see a Choose a Page drop down box in the top left corner.  You can just drop the arrow down and select the page you want and it will take you there.

Questions, email derek@piercesweb.com

Security: All pages containing information or pictures on live people will be password protected.   The Internet is too dangerous to leave information out there.  If you don't have a password please contact me, derek@piercesweb.com so that you can receive a password. 

If you have a family password, please don't share it with anyone outside of the family. 

If you have a guest password then please don't share it with anyone unless you get permission.