The McRae Fitzgerald Family traveled as Pioneers
with the Allen Week's Company in 1852

McRae Fitzgerald Family

Back Row Left to Right: David, John, Daniel and Joseph

Front Row Left to Right: Mary Jane, Martha, Alexander, Eunice and Sarah

The McRaes left Kanesville in July in Captain Allen Weeks's oxteam company, the 21st Company, in which there were 110 people. [93]  Alexander and Eunice traveled with their 6 children ranging in age from 16 to 1.  They left Kanesville on July 9, 1852.   Alexander McRae is recorded as having complained at having to be held up by slow teams. [94]  The Weeks's Company arrived in the Valley October 12, 1852, after a three month trip. [95]

[93] LDS Church Emigration, Organized Overland Companies, p 340 and
        Journal History, 1852 supplement, p 131
[94] Journal History, Oct. 12, 1852
[95] Journal History, Oct. 12, 1852

The McRae Fitzgerald Family (age at time of trek)

Alexander McRae (45) born 7 Sep 1807 - Anson County, North Carolina
Died 20 Jun 1891 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Eunice (Fitzgerald) McRae (34) born 7 Feb 1818 - New Castle Kentucky
Died 3 Dec 1906 - Salt Lake City, Utah

John McRae (16) born 30 Jan 1836 – Henry County, Kentucky
Died 28 Feb 1912 - Rigby Idaho

Joseph McRae (14) born 3 Mar 1838 – Far West, Missouri
Blessed 1838 - Liberty Jail, Missouri
Died 31 Jul 1914 - Bisbee, Arizona

Kenneth McRae (12) born 11 Mar 1840 – Ripley County, Indiana

Alexander McRae (10) born 22 Oct 1842 – Nauvoo, Illinois
Died 30 Aug 1862

Daniel McRae (6)   born 12 Apr 1846 – Nauvoo, Illinois
Died 14 Dec 1917 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Mary Jane McRae (3)    born 6 Sep 1849 – Kanesville, Iowa
Married Issac Riley Pierce Sr. 1 Feb 1868 in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Died 27 Jul 1940 - Salem, Utah

Martha McRae (1) born 14 Jan 1851 - Kanesville, Iowa
Died 22 Jan 1933 -

 Source: Alexander and Eunice McRae: Latter-Day Saints by Gordon Irving Apr 11, 1966

See the Full Biography of Alexander and Eunice

Below you will find Sources from Journals of others who travelled with the Weeks Company.  We may not have any details about the trek from the McRae's but we can get a good picture of their travels from reading about the experiences of others in their company.


Allen Weeks Company (1852)

Departure: 18 July 1852
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 12 October 1852
Company Information:
About 226 individuals were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs).

The Allen Weeks Company doesn’t show Eunice McRae, Alexander’s wife or any of his children traveling with them.  I submitted their information on May 15, 2005 to the church web site.

Source: [Report of 3rd Ten in Allen Weeks Company], in Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 12 Oct. 1852, 2-3. 

Following is a brief account of incidents of the journey of Captain Allen's Weeks' ox train, which arrived in Salt Lake City Oct. 12, 1852:

Record of the 3rd Ten, George W. Tagart, Captain, in Allen Weeks' division of fifty of emigrating Saints July 16, A.D. 1852, organized under the direction of F.D. (Franklin D.) Richards and Erastus Snow at the lake, five miles west of the Liberty Pole Mound.

Geo. W. Tagart [Taggart] 6-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 2-oxen, 2-cows, 2-steers

John Nay, 9-in family, 3-drivers, 1-wagon, 4-oxen, 2-cows, 2-steers

Hyrum Mickswell [Mikesell] 6-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 2-oxen, 4-cows

Jesse C. Little, 11-in family, 3-drivers, 3-wagons, 16-oxen, 3-cows, 3-horses

William Rud & Mrs. Ayres, 5-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 6-oxen

Even M. Greene, 9-in family, 2-drivers, 2-wagons, 8-oxen, 5-cows

John Hough, 4-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 2-oxen

Robert Keys, 6-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 4-oxen, 1-cow

Rufus Fisher, 4-in family, 1-driver, 1-wagon, 2-oxen, 4-cows

Sarah Merrill, 8-in family, 1-driver, 2-wagons, 4-oxen

This company being organized was attached to Allen Weeks' Division July 16. On the 17th the camp laid still to clean the wagons, wash, bake, etc. About 9 o'clock p.m. John Hough died, having been sick nearly a week with diarrhea; he was buried the same night.

July 20. We came to the Loup Fork, found Kelsey's division crossing the ferry. Capt. [Allen] Weeks and Superintendent J. [Jesse] C. Little made application to Bro. Kelsey to purchase some of his loose cattle to strengthen the teams on Mrs. Broomhead's wagon, Mr. Hinces; wagon and Mrs. [Amy Cecelia Cooper ] Aldrich's wagon; could not get any.

July 21st About 10 o'clock a.m. the company commenced crossing the Loup Fork ferry and at about 8 o'clock p.m. the company was all across and in camp about three quarters of a mile from the ferry. Everything passed off smoothly without any serious accident.

July 22nd. Mrs. Celestia Hough was baptized and confirmed by Elder Nay; this evening a meeting was called in the corrall and a spirit of contention and murmuring about detention by the slow teams in which Wm. B. Adams, Samuel Ferrin and A. McRae were the principle agitators. Jesse C. Little and others endeavored to lay that spirit and were unwilling to do any business until that spirit was put out of the camp.

July 24th. In commemoration of the founding of the settlement of the Saints in the Valley old Lazarus (?) spoke and the echo was followed by a report of small arms. This evening Capt. Weeks called a meeting of the officers and arranged to have a meeting in the forenoon tomorrow.

July 25th. Sunday, at 9 o'clock a.m. the bell rang for meeting. Capt. Wm. B. Adams' child is very sick. After meeting he requested the company to remain till morning on account of his child; his wife had also been taken sick. The company voted to remain; about sunset his child died and his wife grew worse.

July 26. Capt. Adams' child was buried, the cattle were scattered about this morning and were not got up to start until 9 o'clock a.m., traveled but a short distance till Mrs. Adams grew worse and on request, the camp stopped. Those that were behind with Company A. camped where they were. Capt. Tagart [George W. Taggart] and Capt. [Samuel] Ferrin's tens camped in the prairie there was a plenty water for stock.

 Source: "Still Later," Frontier Guardian and Iowa Sentinel, 12 July 1852, 2.

 Still Later.

 There has another company came through since the company above mentioned, and report several deaths in Col. J. C. [Jesse Carter] Little's company, among whom was Mr. Little's child, [Sarah Louise Little,] Mr. Hodge's son, and some said Bishop Lane. Elder Hyde and company were getting along finely.

We received a letter from our friend Daniel MacKintosh, which we publish in our paper to-day. We are very glad to hear that they have had no sickness or bad luck, and we are also very sorry to hear of the misfortunes of Mr. Little's company. The first companies that left here are at their destination by this time.

 Source: Greene, Evan Melbourne, Diaries 1833-1852, vol. 6.

 Left Kanesville on Friday July 9<th>[.] on raising the hill in the timber my chain broke and let my wagon back, strained both wince wheels, camped in the prairie[.]

10<th> drove up near the ferry.

 11<th> came up & crossed the ferry[.] camped near Winter Quarters & spent the afternoon[.] Bros Taylor, Benson, & Snow were there. J.D. Richards came over & passed on.

 12 After much persuassion & long waiting I got E. Edwards[,] R[obert]. Keyes & Jo. Turpin to sit my tire on those wheels that were strained and then came up with the camp about sundown[.]

 July 13 The camp still unorganised moved on about ten miles to the highth of land between Little & Big Papao [Pappea] where Sister [Amy Cecelia Cooper] Aldrich died of the chlorea [cholera] having been sick about 24 hours. Bro [Jesse C.] Littles infant child [Sarah Louise Little] was also very sick. Buried Sister Aldrich.

 14 Thomas Ashley [Ashby] was taken very sick. Bro. Little’s child died[.] he made a box to put it in & took to the horn [Elk Horn] to bury. we arrived at the Horn about sunset. Bro. Ashley [Ashby]died just as we arrived at the ferry and was soon buried[.] <John Butler met us with 9 yoke of relief teams they were well times. This day C.C. Roe & others met us at the Papao [Pappea] with several yoke of cattle to assist us. they was truly acceptable>

 15 We have a hard mudy road, three wagons broken. My wife’s [Susan Kent Greene's] health very poor my son [Evan Flavius Greene] also quite feeble. came to Platt[e] & campt[.]

 16 This morning Bro. Little came up with the Back teams. Here we found Sister Nancy R. Piersons grave. she died yesterday the 15<th>.—When Bro. Little came we gathered up our teams & came up <to> Wicks Camp which was partially organised: and Br. Richards & Snow completed the organization by appointing J. C. Little Superentendant A[lexander]. McRae Pioneer & cap. of the Artilary. Sam[uel] Ferrin, and George Tag[g]art Caps of ten which completed the organisation and then Bro. Richards & Snow left to go on.

 17 Laid by this day that the women could wash bake & cleanout the wagons also to overhaul loads & see who was overloaded[.] 9 oclock P.M. Dr. John Hough died & was buried the same night[.]

18 Sunday. we traveled 16 miles to a campground <lost our dog> 2 1/2 miles below shell creek and where we camped for the night. Bro W[illia]m Goodrich is very sick.

 19 This morning 1/2 past 6 ocl[ock] Bro. Goodrich died. The camp traveled 15 miles to the first timber above shell creek. Sister Mary A[nn]. Wheelock has been quite sick for two days.

 20 Came to the Loup Fork[.] found E[li]. B. Kelsey’s division just crossing the Ferry. after camping Capt. Wicks[,] Supt Little, Pioneer McRae & myself crossed over to Bro. Kelsey found him & his son quite sick[.] We blessed them spent a short time & returned to camp[.]

 21 A fine plesant morning Sister Lund was delivered of a child[.] it was stillborn. we prepared to cross the Fork about 10 oclock A.M. our camp commenced crossing & about 8 oclock P.M. the camp was all safely set about of a mile on the south side of the Loup[,] no accident occuring to any person or animal. the oxen & cattle had worked hard

 22 We traveled about 16 miles[.] Samuel Ferrins led the camp and they traveled all day without watering their teams and were much dissatisfied that some of us halted to water ours and in the evening made bitter complaints of being detained by the slow teams and got up quite a spirit of complaining: among the principle agitators were W[illia]m B[ritton]. Adams[,] Samuel Ferrin & A[lexander]. McRae. Bro J. C. Little as superintendant met the spirit right and endeavored to put it down. Mrs. Celestial [Celestia] Hough the widow Bro John Hough was Baptised and confirmed by Elder John Day.

 23 Had sevial hills and hard bottom roads alternately. about 11 oclo. came to some ponds near the Loup here we met Bro. John L. <Taylor> Butler with 3 yoke of oxen for the relief of the company. these cattle were distributed among the weak teams. about 4 ocl. we came into the old road from the ford of the Loup. passed up over sand hills about a mile and then camped in the Bottoms where there was neither wood nor water.

 24 At 7 oclock A.M. the cannon was fired in commemoration of the arrival of the pioneers in G.S.L. valley. Mrs. Amelia Robisons child [Valetta P. Robison] died this morning & was buried, about 11 oclock A.M. came to some ponds where we watered the cattle and rested till 3 P.M. took in wood & water, about 6 P.M. we came to a beautiful camping ground with wood & water. Capt. W[illiam]. B[ritton]. Adams child was sick. Cap. Wicks called a meeting of the Captains this evening and agreed to have a meeting at 9 oclock A.M. tomorrow.

 25 Sunday. 9 A.M. the bell ring and the camp came togather had a good meeting & the spirit of the Lord rested upon the people, while E[van]. M[elbourne]. Green and J. C. Little spake on order & the direction of the camp[.] The camp voted to remain till Tomorrow morning as Capt. Adams child was very sick & his wife was also attended. About 4 P.M. Capt. Adams child died.

 26 The past two days have been excessive hot, this morning we have a cool fresh brese & the camp feel refreshed & the cattle are well rested. Capt. Adams wife very sick. took up the teams the third & fourth tens mooved off[.] one wagon tire burst in the first ten and detained the camp about two hours, just got fairly on the moove when orders came for the camp to hold on as Mrs. Adams was to sick to travel. made about thre miles. The <camp> was now divided being two tens in each division and about 1 miles apart. remained this way all night.

 27 This morning Mrs. Adams died was buried and about 10 ocl. the camp moved on traveled about 15 miles pased a small creek at the foot of the sand hill took in water traveled about 1 1/2 miles into the hills and camped. Mrs. [Elizabeth Rutledge] Utley died about 6 ocl. P.M. & was buried[.]

 28 Camp started 7 1/4 A.M. & traveled till 2 P.M. came to a pond[.] here our ten stoped 1 1/2 hours, the others traveled imediately on, at 1/2 past 6 P.M. we came to Prairie Creek[.] the others had been there about one hour, lost one cow died and one cripled. this evening Mr. [William] Welch one of Col. Littles Teamsters died he had ben confined to the wagon about ten days of chronic disease This day passed Bishop W.W. Lanes grave with several others some of whom we knew[.] <had sand hills[.] hard traveling[.]>

 29 started 1/4 before 9 ocl. A.M. traveled hard till 7 P.M. came to wood river. a hard drive.

 30 Laid by for the women to wash & and to set tire mend chains and the like. I was sick with a disyness [dizziness] of my head & naucious [nauseous] stomach. the health of the camp now pretty good[.]

 The camp mooved about 15 miles[.]

 Aug. 1<st> Sunday. Rainy & a cold wind started about 10 ocl. traveled till sundown made about 15 miles. dissatisfaction & not much order in camp.

 2 Still cloudy rainy & windy. At a 1/4 to 8 A.M. the camp mooved off. Capt Ferrins ten started before Capt. Tagarts breaking the orders of the camp Superintendant J. C. Little overtook them at the Deep ravine, ordered a halt that all things might be in order. at six P.M. we camped at Elm creek. [Eli B.] Kelsey's company had passed on. saw some Buffalo up near the Bluff.

 3 We traveled from before 7 A.M. to past 6 P.M. the day cool, traveled fast, saw many amounts of buffalo passed Kelsey’s company at night, camping trine, camp within a mile of them. Capt. [Samuel] Ferrin’s Company seen by a part of our driving in among our teams creating some confusion in movements and dissatisfaction of feeling.

 4 This day we started at 20 m. [minutes] to seven ocl., & traveled hard all day[.] had a good road[.] camped 1/2 past 7—saw many Buffalo. This morning Capt. Ferrin commenced starting before Capt. Tagart's Company, out of order and felt compelled to speak to them & correct the movement Marshal [Abraham Close] Hodge called to order.

 5 Sent out hunters to get some Buffalo meat. 1/2 past 8 the camp mooved on[.] the hunters got no meat. the officers agreed to go only ten or twelve miles & let the cattle rest but Cap. Ferrin being a head he drove about 20 miles and the camp were till sundown geting all up. much dissatisfaction about such long drives. camped on skunk creek no wood.

 6 Drove 15 miles. passed two beautiful Springs of good cold water[.] had about 4 miles of verry heavy sand road. camped on Car[r]ion Creek no timber.

 Aug. 7 The camped agreed to drive 8 1/2 miles according to Claytons Guide to the last timber on the W. side of Platt[e] for 200 miles, but finding no timber we came on 15 miles & turned off from the road to the river, timber on the other side. Several showers through the day.

 Aug. 8 Commenced raining about 4 oclock had a rainy day remained in camp[.] the boys killed a buffalo & brot into camp.

 Aug. 9 Capt. Ferrin com[pany] left the camp to go a head. We traveled till after sundown. hard sandy road & Bluffs[.]

 Aug. 10 Still passing over sandy Bluffs very heavy roads.

 Aug. 11 For part of this day heavy sandy roads, afternoon road beutiful passed cedar bluffs camped near the river. camp all in good spirits & pretty good health.

 12 Traveled about 14 miles[.] camp on the east side of Sandy Bluffs[.]

 13 Crossed the Bluffs & traveled 12 miles camped oposite of Ash Hollow about 4 oclock[.] The Deseret Camp & a Government train camped together on the south side of the river[.]

 14 Traveled about 14 miles[.] This morning my Boney ox was so lame that I had to turn him out of the team. very good road.

 15 Sunday. Remained in camp. had a meeting this morning. The Deseret Company past up on the other side of the River. Camp in general good health[.]

 16 traveled about 17 miles[.] camped on the east of Cobble Hills:

 17 Traveled about 20 miles[.] camped on the east end of the swamp west of Sandy Bluff[.] p>18 About 10 oclock Hannah How in attempting to get out of Bro Sanders wagon was run over and badly hurt. this morning about 5 ocl. some Indians came into our camp the first we have seen since we left the [Elk] Horn they were souix [Sioux] about 200 men women & children with their horses, dogs, loges and firniture[.]

 19 traveled about 14 miles & camped on the Bank of the river about 1/2 past 4 oclock & prepared to set tire. Hannah How proved not to be dangerously hurt. Bro. M[elvin]. Wilbers [Wilbur's] infant child [Joseph D. Wilbur] died.

 Aug 20 My lame ox could not be found with the other cattle & after starting the teams I returned to hunt [.] about 2 miles below our camp grounds, Charles Warner came up and I took dinner with him. Came on found our camp about 8 miles a head Bro. [Rufus] Fishers wagon wheel broken and the mechanics were at work on it. about 5 clock had a severe thunder storm & Bro. Clarks Bull that worked on the Cannon wagon was killed by lightning. very cool weather.

 21 Started about 8 oclock[.] all right traveled about 15 m[iles] passed a trading company on the south side of the river[.]

 22 Started about 9 oclock[.] it being Sunday traveled about 18 miles this evening[.] the officers held a council & and appointed Jessie Louder & Samuel Brown a committee to go a head to Laramie to have [get] items[.]

 Aug. 23 The committee did not go. my health very poor, had to let the girls drive team.

 24 I was very sick with an attack of the liver, could not set up took medicine. Alonso Hay [Nay] drove my team. camped about 3 miles below Ft. Laramie. Bro Little went up to the Ft. with his carriage and staid all night.

 25 Bro. Little returned and the camp moved up to about a mile below the ford and camped, and commenced work on wagons burning coal &c I am still sick.

 26 This morning went to a trading post & traded flour for some robes returned to camp about 10 oclock. Kelseys company passed by us. This traders name was James A. Austin from Wyoming Co. N. Y.—

 Aug. 27 Still at work on wagons[.]

 Aug. 28 Started crossed the river & camped about 8 miles above the Ft.—Michael J. Tully commence to drive my team.

 29 Sunday Mrs. Brown concluded to stop with her son at the Ft. & wanted me to take her cattle & take care of them and & I went with her to the Ft. & send the commanding officer returned & found the camp not moved[.]

 30 came to Big Cottonwood fork 15 miles & camped; very hilly.

 31 Met [Almon W.] Babbitt on his return about 5 oclock P.M.--camped on Horse shoe creek. Ferrin's company one week ahead. This evening agreed that each subdivision might move off to themselves for convenience & feed[.]

 1852 Sept 1. Wednesday The whole division camped together again this night.

 2 All crossed the river on to the North side and passed on up. This Evening Capt. Weeks killed a buffalo[.] the officers of the camp agreed to stop a day & hunt.

 3 The day spent in hunting several buffalo's killed very poor. Two antelopes killed.

 4 This morning the camp detained as the boys that were out after meat had not come in[.] traveled about ten miles saw a village of Chians [Cheyennes] moving down on to the Bottom[.] the chief came to our camp[.] wished us not to move in the morning till they had time to soround the buffalo as the Bottoms above us there was an immense herd.

 5 Sunday waited till late this morning on account of the Indians hunt. camped on Little Deer creek.

 Sept 6 This morning after we had got up our cattle to start Capt. Hodge's & Capt Adams tens concluded to stop & do some smith work & Capt. Tagarts ten all but J. C. Little[,] R[ufus]. Fisher & W[illia]m Reed moved on & camped on Big Deer creek.

 Sept 7 Traveled about Ten miles & camped about 4 ocl--on account of a heavy gale of wind. Sister Huff's [Celestia Hough's] wagon tounge broken out. Two buffalo shot[,] one killed.

 Sept 8 Bro. Kay & Tully went out to dress the Buffalo killed last evening & killed another. Taveled two miles & stoped to get the meat & the rest of Capt. Wick's Division passed us & went on. reported Kelsey's Division close on our rear past. but we past them that ev[en]ing[.]

 Sept 9 Crossed Platt[e] uper crossing 12 miles up the river[.] met Charle[s] Dick[e]n with the mail & George Matson who came out to pilot Kelsey[.]

 Sept 10 This evening camped in company with Capt. Z[ebedee]. Coltrins & A. Noe’s Company[.]

 Sept 11 Traveled about 15 miles This morning some of our cattle sick; better in the evening[.]

 1852 Sep. 12 Sunday This morning our cattle were badly scattered at a distance from the camp[.] much time spent in hunting them[.] two of my oxen & three of Bro. [Robert] Keys were gone[.] we hitched up what team we had & mooved over to Grease wood creek, about 3 oclock[.] Bro. D. Jones came with our cattle, they had gone ahead to the other camp about 10 miles, we then started on to overtake them & drove <till> about 8 ocl. came to a branch of Sweet Water and camped.

 13 came up with the sugar train & passed them, overtook Bro Little found these teams much crippled from hard dr[iv]ing[.] This morning had to have Sister Brown’s line Back cow. <pafsed the Dev[i]ls Gate> camped near to Bro. Little & the sugar camp.

 14 Traveled about 14 miles & camped[.] Bro. Little came up & camped with us the sugar company, just below us.

 15 Robert Keys got his oxen shod. traveled about 4 miles[.] a cold rain storm came up and we were compelled to stop, our company and Sugar company camped together on a large bottom. snow on the mountains[.]

 Sept 16 Traveled about 7 miles forded the river. Bro. Little & Keys stoped with the sugar Company. Sow[e]ry cold weather some rain.

 Sept 17 Still cold & rainy. Did not move. towards night began to storm harder than it had.

 Sept 18 A severe cold storm some snow[.] about 9 oclock began to look like clearing off and the weather began to moderate. Mooved up 8 miles met Capt. Fuller with the relief trains Bro. Blodget & Pulsifer [Pulsipher] were with him Bro. Little came up late.

 Sept Sunday 19 After some figuring of Bro. Little with Capt. Fuller the cattle that were sent for the benefit of the company was delivered to J. C. Little instead of Capt. Tagart. & he & the camp wagon were relieved.

 Sept 20 At the 5 crossing of Sweet Water weather pleasant. Bro. Tagart went to see if we were to get any teams, found that J. C. Little had orders to receive all the team & dispose of it. my driver left & sones was sent with a light pair of cattle from the cannon wagon, which I sent back to J. C. Little with a "note"[.]

 Sept 21 J.C. Little called by our camp & proposed to send me a good pair of cattle & I sent my boy after them. This evening Charles Dick[e]n overtook and camped with us on Branch of Sweet Water Bro. Little passed on[.]

 1852 Sept 22 We came to the last crossing of Sweet Water cold & rainy camped about 3 ocl. P.M.--about 5 ocl. P.M. Bro Fuller came up with us & some other teams. Bro Joshua Hall was along[.]

 23 <John Mackey began to drive for me> Bro. Hall traveled with us the others passed on. came over the south Pass, left my Turk ox came down 5 miles or 6--& camp[.]

 24 I went back to see if Turk would drive up found him dead. made Little Sandy this Evening. I ate before the teams got in my cattle nearly gave out.

 1852 Sept. 25 a plesant morning came to Big Sandy & camped to let our cattle feed. This Evening a company of 81 Elders on their way to their several missions came up & camped above us on the creek. Bro. J. C. Little sent back to me another yoke of cattle.

 26 Sunday. Traveled 16 miles & camped on Big Sandy again[.]

 27 Came to Green River. Bro. Wm Reed came to our camp & wanted to get along with us[.] his family had been left by the company they were with & he had been left by Bro. Little’s company got in with Bro. Miksell [Hyrum Washington Mikesell.]

 28 crossed Green River, I went to Bateese's trading post could get no meat Went up to Brigham Young & Wm Huntington's camp staid all night got some Bacon & coffee. 16 families settling there.

 29 came down to the camp found them moving came to Ham's fork late and camped[.]

 30 Traveled 14 1/2 miles and camped on Blacks fork[.] This mor[n]ing Bros. Bybee & Haskell's mules & horses were gone. some Indians came in & drive them & then came up.

 1852 Oct. 1 A heavy snow storm lay still all day.

 Oct. 2 A plesant morning[.] started & Sister Allen that traveled with Bro Hall was quite sick came 8 miles & camped. Bro's Tagart[,] Nay[,] Miksell & Hall did not get up for some time[.] a number of our cattle very lame[.]

 3 Sunday. passed Ft. Bridger 1/2 mile & camped. cattle still lame[.]

 4 Came to Muddy [Creek] this morning the mail passed just as we were starting met Bro. Smoot[.]

 5 Traveled over 16 miles passed over the River of the Basin. met Doolittle with teams & flour for the sugar company[.] tried to get some flour as we were out but could get only eight pounds. Bros Target, Nay, & Hall stoped 2 miles back last night and did not come up are still behind.

 6 This morning before we started Bro. Morris J. Snedaker came with flour let us have 16# [pounds.] had a cold storm last night. came to gather up our cattle one of J[ohn]. Mackeys [MacKay's] oxen was gone[.] hunted till 11 oclock did not find him[.] came over to Bear River & camped about 3 oclock, about 5 oclock 11 wagons of Kelseys Co. came up also Bro. Hale [Hall] just at night John's ox came over the mountain[.]

 Oct. 7 Crossed Bear River & came to Cash Care: those of Kelsey's Co. also came up. In the morning could not find J. Mackey's bull that I had as Bro. Hall was a going to wait for Bro Tagart & Nay I left it for him to find & bring on.

 8 Traveled about 15 miles[.] Bro. Snedaker overtook us on his return left me 15 shorts, those of Kelseys company passed us this evening & camped about 1/2 a mile below us.

 9 Came to Weber found Bro. Fisher camped & waiting for help[.] passed down & crossed & this evening after company[.] F. M. Little and Chas. Dickin camp up and let us have some provisions also let Bro. Reed & Miksel have some flour.

 Oct. Sunday 10 About 11 oclock we met Bro. Geo. Daniels with flour potatoes & team for me, took out 13 cwt of freight for me. still passing up & down in the kanyons [canyons.]

 Oct. 11 Passed over the Big Mt.

 Oct. 12 Passed over the Little Mt. & came into the city of the Great Salt Lake,


Wilbur, Elisha, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 30:5-8.

Full Text:

10. At what place did you join the company or wagon train with which you came to Utah?

10. Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mr. Wilbur's father started west in 1846, but was delayed due to joining the Mormon Battalion. This <delayed> the trip west and in the meantime Elisha and several other children were born. During this time Elisha Wilbur's mother died in childbirth and the dead babe and its mother were buried together. Mr. Wilbur's father started to Utah again in 1852 with his 5 little motherless children. Mr. Wilbur's older sister and brothers helped the father with the younger chil[d]ren.

11. When did it leave for Utah?

11. 1852.

12. What was the place of your destination in Utah? Why did you come to Utah?

12. Salt Lake City, Utah. Came to Utah for religion.

13. When did you arrive there?

13. In October 1852.

14. Who was the leader of your company or train?

14. J.C. Little was leader of the company.

15. Method of travel (handcart, ox team, mule team, horseback, etc.)

15. Came by Oxteam. Had three oxen and a cow to pull the wagon.

31. Do you recall seeing any buffalo or hunting any wild game? If so, tell about some incident.

31. Mr. Wilbur saw plenty of buffalo crossing the plains. The Indians killed the buffalo and traded the skins to the emigrants for food stuffs. His father killed antelope in Utah.

34. Tell about coming to your state in a covered wagon.

34. Coming across the plains they ate considerable dried buffalo meat. They were friendly with the Indians. When crossing at night, when they camped on the plains they would build large camp fires and all Saints would sing and pray. One thing that impressed Mr. Wilbur, then a lad of 7, was the unlimited vastness of the Sun flowers, then in bloom. He thought it then and still does, one of the most beautiful sights he ever saw.

Allen Weeks Company (1852)


"Still Later," Frontier Guardian and Iowa Sentinel, 12 July 1852, 2.  

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Source Locations :

Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah

Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah

Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah State University, Merrill Library, Logan, Utah


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Source Locations: Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah


Greene, Evan Melbourne, Diaries 1833-1852, vol. 6.   Full Text    

Source Locations: Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah


Harris Grove Branch, Pottawatomie County (Iowa), Record 1848-1852    

Source Locations: Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah


Marsh, George Josiah, Reminiscences and diaries, 1865-1869.    

Source Locations: Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah 


Merrell, John Fenley, Autobiographical sketch, 1.    

Source Locations: Utah State Historical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Source Locations:  Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah

Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wilbur, Elisha, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 30:5-8. 

Source Locations: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah