Story Board plan out

Introduction - Family Reunion, Do we Have Pioneers in our family Family Portraits Lineages


Coming to America - May Flower Colesville - Organization - Priesthood Kirtland - temple
Jackson County MO Hauns Mill - Wounded Knee Liberty Jail - Sections 121 - 122 Nauvoo - Hyrum's House - Temple - Missionary in NC - Defending Nauvoo Crossing Mississippi on Ice - Winter Quarters (Kanesville)
Pioneers in Wagons European Immigrants - Ships - Handcarts -  Walking 1300 miles First Transcontinental Train Early Salt Lake - Poligamy
Colonization - Payson - Salem

losing husbands

1900's - Isaac Riley Pierce  Jr.- BYA ball, Mission Grandpa Dale - Couldn't go on a mission b/c of depression - Don went to Denver California Colorado - Denver -GG and Grandpa Dale - Fitches -
Missions - Lance to South Africa - Brent Japan - Brian Washington DC - Robin to Arizona Span Am - Derek to Mexico - Jeremy to Dominican Republic - Nicole sign Language Grand Children - 7th Generation      

Ideas - have a picture of a grandchild on each page making a statement - That's my grandfather's grandfather


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