Why did I start this Site? - Our family is spread all over the place and it gives us the oportunity to communicate and share pictures.

What is the Purpose of the Site? - The purpose of this site is to record our family history for the next generations in a central accessable location, to inspire and motivate everyone to share their lives with us and to keep up to speed on genealogical research.  There are so many interesting stories in our family that I never heard as a child that I want my children and grand children to know.  Also my grandparents are getting older and we need to record and share their legacy - even if they think it's just plain and ordinary, boring stuff.

Why are there so many topics? - I really tried to think hard and think of all the things that I would like to know about my grandparents and their grandparents.  I also focussed on sharing the important experiences of our lives in hopes of inspiring future generations.  We value temple marriage and it's important to share everyone's dating and marriage stories.  What were our missions like? What's your priesthood line of authority?

Why did I chose the Web? - It's a new technology that I enjoy working with.  It can be shared and seen from anywhere in the world.  It's intuitive and easy to organize all the information and pictures and cross reference everything and the size of the files are relatively small.  The information can be saved for the future and adapted to whatever technology brings.  

Why such a big undertaking? - I feel like this is one of the most important works I could ever do on this earth.  I want to know where I came from so that I can share that Legacy with my children.  I have truly been touched by the spirit of Elijah and hope to create a binding link from generation to generation. (D&C 132: )

When do I find the time? - I usually get up early in the morning on Sunday and work for an hour or two.  Hopefully others will do the same with their own families and then I can just copy all the information here.

Who am I?

Derek Steven Pierce - derek@z2.net