Oct 10. 2001: Areas to work on

Pioneer Book / Early church history - at the family reunion in July people were asking if we had any pioneers in our family line.  I want to do a book type page that will give simple blurbs about people and what they did with links into more information.  I'm going to tie our family histories in with the early church history.

Get the pictures from Histories from Frank

Pierce Family Christmas Pictures - I need to finish up with the pictures that I have

Uncle Don's history - I need to put uncle Don's history into web page

Change the navigation on the front page to make it load faster.  I want to do a drop down menu

E-mail chains - When everyone e-mails me, I need to put it in a page, with my responses

Family Christmas Letters - These are some of the best sources of journals we have in our family.  I need to finish getting those or scanning those.

Mission Pictures - I'd like a picture of everyone as a missionary - I'd like to do some of my mission pictures.

Burn a CD - Clean up the web site get rid of all the extra files - Get pictures from Brent and Caryn from the reunion and make a cd for everyone with the website and with printable pictures


Jan 14, 2001: Areas to work on

Dana's pictures as a child,

Getting the Hawkins pictures up

Changing the left side buttons for all the church history people like Joseph White Pierce

Add uncle Don's journal

Add pictures to the temple and church history pages

Streamline all folders: take out wsftp logs and ndv files and extra graphics pages.

Move the family pictures that are under the main graphics folder

Add the journal of Alexander McRae and Eunice to the site

Finish the Pierce-Hawkins pictures

Add the anderson family letters

Scan family letters and pictures

My website is getting out of hand.  There are so many files.  I need to standardize things.  One I need to delete all the extra nvd files and the wsftp log files.  I also need to get rid of all the graphics folders everywhere.

Here's the file saving structure.  Pictures of an individual will be saved under a folder that will depict what's in them under the individuals picture folder.    For example  dallin's 1st birthday are saved under Dallins-pierce/pictures/1st-bday.  In that folder I am also putting the html files.   That way the folder is movable.

If it is a holiday or a vacation set of pictures, then the folder goes under the family's picture folder.  For example zoo2000 goes under pierce-hamilton/pictures/zoo2000 with an index inside.

Then there needs to be links made to new pictures on the site index, the family index, and any individual pictures can be linked off their page.

This section of the website is an attempt to organize my efforts.  Here I can prioritize the things that need to get done and list ideas that I would like to work on in the future.

This is a section I want to create off the main index that will hopefully draw some participation.  I would like to have the younger generations ask questions of their grandparents and have the grandparents answer them.  Grandma and Granpa Pierce and Grandma Hawkins won't be around forever.  This would be a great Family Home Evening activity.

I'd also like to do a Gospel Question and Answer.  What topics are we studying?  What have we found?  Do we search the scriptures for truths?

E-mail index of everyone

Variation, I'm going to do an update section where everyone emails me an update every month or two and then I'll put them on the site. It won't make it around a chain. Also this way the letters can be archived and printed off for grand parents. - I'd like to try a chain letter from family to family - Me to Alane, Robin, Brooke, Lance, Brett, Mom and Dad.  When it gets back to you then you take your section off and send it to the next person. What's up?  What are the Kids up to? Keep it short enough to write in 10 minutes so it doesn't get put off.

Prayer Roll - There are lots of things that go on and no body even knows about it.  I'm going to do a prayer roll and ask that everyone let us know about things the family needs to pray about.  Then when we have our family prayers we can include things.  Talk about bringing our family closer together.

I'd like to do an art index off the main one - scan in art work or a picture of it.  Then have an index and have it reference to the idividual page.

I need to simplify the web site.  There are so many sections.

I need to decide how I am going to do graphics.  Am I going to put them all in the graphics folder under sub folders? or am I going to put them with their individual or family directory which will allow me to move them in the future if I have to.

I need to move The journal entries from Alexander and Uncle don over to the family site and make all the appropriate links.

I need to move over sections of Uncle Don's history and cut and paste them into web pages.

I'd like to make a rotating families page like on the Hamilton web.  Have it open when you hit the families index.

I need to do a generational picture-tree of Dana's side of the family.

I need to scan in the temple pictures I found of us.

I need to scan in the mission pictures and do a mission prep session about all the things you will need to do to get ready for and successfully serve a mission.  I need to find a picture of me covered in paint to show working before my mission. and the messy room shot after my mission.

I'd like to do a trip piece with the pictures from when Dana came to Denver to visit.  I'd like to set it up so that you could go next and next or where there is a thumbnail index and they could see which picture they wanted to go to.

I need to get dating and marriage stories and pictures from everyone.

I need to get baptism pictures and stories from everyone.

I need to get temple pictures from everyone.

I need to get mission pictures from all the missionaries. I want to do the index with pictures so you can click on one an dit will take you to their individual account.

I need to get family newsletters from everyone so that I don't have to type them all.

I'd like to make a digital recording of my children's birth blessings.

I'd like to figure out how to make small video clips of funny things.

I need to figure out how to get a still frame shot off a video.  (I need a video card)