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Organization and Security  Questions, email derek@piercesweb.com As of Sept 19, 2006 - you will need a user name (use: pierce and guest with no spaces) and password is forever to access information on family members still living.


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The Gift of Our Testimonies

See a family portrait from 2005
Pierce Family Reunion 2005

Read Birth Story of Gordon Pierce
Birth Story of Gordon Pierce

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Dale Lerwill Pierce Clan - July 1, 2001
The Whole Pierce Family - July 2001

Projects In Progress

Find out about the Pierce Pioneers
Pierce Family Pioneers

See Journals and Biographies of our Early Church Members
Our Family's Early Church History

"Woo"ing Tales

Did you know you were related to Adam?

Ancestors on the May Flower


Welcome to the Pierce Family Web Site.  The purpose of this site is to share love, pictures, stories, friendship and memories of the Pierce family to those near and far.  Our sincere hope is that the information shared will create a bridge from generation to generation. May Great-Grand- children know and appreciate the legacy of their Great-Great-Great Grandparents.

It is a work in progress.   Please help with the work and share in the blessing.

See Pictures and Book from Grandpa Dale's 90th Birthday

See Pictures of the Reunion
See Pictures from the Reunion 2001


Family Christmases


Cody's Mission Index
Cody's Mission Index

Jacob's Eagle Project

Hamilton Christmas 2007
Hamilton Christmas 2007

Abreus in 2007
Abreus in 2007

NC Pierces Summer Pictures 2007
NC Pierces Summer Pictures

Calvin at 5 months
Calvin 5 Months

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Rio's First Birthday

calvin's birth pictures
Calvin's Birth Picures

Anderson-McGurk Sealing

See Pictures of Clark's birth
Birth of Clark Raymond Hamilton

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